Working with KeyLink for Formula


Once configured KeyLink for Formula is very easy to use. All you have to do is start the target application and set it at the determined starting position (this depends on the keystroke configuration).

The fading vertical sidebar on the left of the screen shows you what mode KeyLink is in. It displays either 'Reader Xfer' or 'File Xfer' for resp. reader and file mode.

Behind the Target caption you can see which application will be activated when you press the Transfer button.

Under Results you can see how many Powergen/EasyGen records have been transferred and by how many seconds the internal clock of the reader has been adjusted.

You must open the target application first. The target application may be minimized; KeyLink will Restore and activate it if necessary (only when the target window name option has been configured). Next you start or activate KeyLink. Make sure the DataLogic handheld terminal is in the cradle and turned on (in KeyLink reader mode).

Press the round Transfer button or use the hotkey to start the download and typing of the formula table.

KeyLink will minimize itself and activate the target application (depending on configuration) and start downloading and typing the Powergen/EasyGen table. In the taskbar you can see how many records have been transferred thus far.

After the transfer has completed KeyLink will bring itself to the front and delete the Formula table data if this is option is has been selected. You may need to confirm the deletion of the table. After a second the destination application will be brought to the foreground so the data can be reviewed.

Delete Reader table

When automatic deletion of the reader data has been disabled you can manually delete a Formula table with File, Delete Reader table. This menu option will delete the Formula table as defined under configuration.


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