KeyLink for Formula 1.3

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The purpose of KeyLink for Formula is to download information stored in a Datalogic Formula Barcode Reader that is running a PowerGen/EasyGen application to a PC and present the data to the receiving PC application as keystrokes. In this way you can easily connect the handheld terminal to any Windows application even if is not specifically designed to be used with a Datalogic Formula barcode reader. The macro facility before- and after transmitting the data allows you to prepare and finalize the receiving application for the data.


Quick Start 

  1. Configure KeyLink with File, Configuration to your needs.
  2. Look for the type of transfer in the vertical sidebar on the left (File or Reader Xfer).
  3. Insert the barcode reader into the cradle (when appropriate).
  4. Click on the round Transfer button to start downloading data.
  5. Done!


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