Hotkey Configuration Tab

The global hotkey option allows you to assign a system wide hotkey combination to start the transfer of data by KeyLink. If this hotkey is pressed Keylink will start the transfer even if Keylink is not the foregrond application. It will start transfer from a foreground, background or minimized position; it won't start KeyLink itself.

Use hotkey

Check this option if you want to enable the use of a global hotkey. When this option is unchecked the global hotkey will not work.

Alt, Ctrl, Shift and Win-key checkboxes

Use any combination of the Alt, Control, shift and Windows keys in conjunction with the hotkey itself.

Hotkey combo-box

Select a key to assign as global hotkey. If (none) is selected then no hotkey will be assigned to KeyLink. Avoid using a hotkey used by another program or the target application. Both programs will probably react to the hotkey but that will certainly interfere with the sending of keystrokes by KeyLink.


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