General configuration settings

Configuration file

Almost all of the settings of KeyLink are stored in a separate configuration (.INI) file. KeyLink uses a .INI file instead of the local registry because in this way the configuration can be shared and transferred among computers more easily. It is possible to place the configuration file on a read-only share so nobody can tamper with the settings.

You can either type in the path and name of the configuration file in the filename box or browse for a config file with the [...] button. When a typed configuration filename doesn't exist all settings of the previous configuration are stored into the new configuration file when you click [OK] or [Apply]. Use the refresh button  to read the previously saved settings from the configuration file.

Input source

Determine the source of the data with these configuration options. You can either select a barcode reader or a filename as input. After a selection the related configuration options become available.

Barcode reader

With this option you select the input source the program has been designed for; CipherLAB barcode readers.

COM port and Baud rate; Select the COM port the reader has been connected to and the baud rate as configured on the barcode reader. The default settings are those as shown in the example.

Download via IR cradle or IrDA / RSR232; With thes option you can select the connection type. With the buttons behind the options (IR_load and 232_load) you can select the name and location of the CipherLAB download utilities for the respective downloads.

Field separator; Configure the field separator (a decimal entry between 1 and 255) identical to the separator as set on the CipherLAB application for data and lookup tables.

Delete temp-file after transfer; After download and processing the downloaded datafile will be deleted. Turn this of if you want to keep this temp-file.


This option enables you to use file-input instead of a barcode reader. A CSV file such as downloaded with the CipherLAB Application Generator program or one of it's utilities can be used. The Filename box lets you enter the path and filename information or you can browse for a file with the [...] button. Determine the field separator character (any ASCII character) in the Field Separator box (decimal entry between 1 and 255).


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